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About Pin An Technology

Welcome to Pin An Technology, where innovation meets safety in the world of baby products. Since our inception in 2019, in the dynamic city of Kunshan, we have been committed to revolutionizing the baby stroller industry. Our founders—a group of five visionaries, each an expert in their respective fields of product strategy, innovation, technical, marketing, and supply chain management—identified a critical need for products that fuse cutting-edge safety features with impeccable design and materials.

At Pin An Technology, we are proud to be a leading baby stroller designer and baby products manufacturer. Our diverse range of baby product solutions, from strollers to car seats, and highchairs to bicycles, is designed with the singular vision of providing the safest, most comfortable, and stylish means of transport for the little ones.

Our growth from a local enterprise to a brand with global reach is a testament to our mission’s resonance. Today, we’re a trusted name in several countries, yet we remain as dedicated as ever to the local touch, adapting to the unique needs of families across the world.

As we look to the future, Pin An Technology is unwavering in its pursuit of excellence. With continuous research and development, we’re not just keeping pace with safety standards—we’re aiming to redefine them. Our promise is simple: to offer a range of baby products that parents can trust, time and again, for their child’s safety and their peace of mind.

Join us on our journey to make baby mobility synonymous with joy and utmost safety. At Pin An Technology, we’re not just building strollers—we’re building the future, one safe journey at a time.

Our Expertise: Comprehensive Baby Product Solutions

  • Innovative Strollers: As expert baby stroller designers, we integrate pioneering designs with ergonomic comfort and advanced safety.
  • Reliable Car Seats: Engineered for safety, our car seats combine top-tier security features with ease of use, ensuring a safe journey for the little ones.
  • Versatile Highchairs: From adjustable designs to easy-clean materials, our highchairs blend functionality with safety to enhance mealtime experiences for babies and parents.
  • Fun and Safe Tricycles and Bicycles: Encouraging active play, our range of tricycles and bicycles is designed with safety and durability in mind, suitable for various ages and stages.
  • Comfortable Baby Beds: Focused on comfort and safety, our baby beds are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring a peaceful and secure sleep environment.
  • Customized Solutions and Support: Beyond our product range, we offer tailored solutions and comprehensive support to meet the specific needs of our business clients.

Featured Products: Where Safety Meets Style

388 baby bed view

Experience the pinnacle of stroller design – combining ultimate safety features with contemporary style for today’s modern family

PH399 stroller grey side view

A fusion of advanced safety technology and sleek, user-friendly design for the ultimate urban mobility experience.

PH389 stroller grey side view

Featuring an intuitive folding mechanism and unparalleled ergonomic design, perfect for on-the-go families.

20 highchair view

Elevate mealtime with our ergonomically designed highchairs, blending sleek aesthetics with practical, easy-to-clean features.

baby bed view

Crafting serene sleep environments with our baby beds, where safety and comfort are woven into every detail

tricycle view

Discover the joy of active play with our safe and durable tricycles and bicycles, designed for fun and adventure

Engineering the Future of Baby Products: A Blend of Innovation and Design

At Pin An Technology, renowned as expert baby stroller designers and baby products manufacturers, innovation is the heartbeat of our creations. Nestled in our dynamic design studio, a team of skilled designers and engineers collaborate to revolutionize baby mobility products. Each stroller we develop, a testament to our status as leading baby stroller designers, is a fusion of advanced safety features, ergonomic design, and sleek aesthetics. Our commitment as premium baby products manufacturers to pushing the boundaries of innovation ensures every product isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s a symbol of comfort, safety, and modern style. Join us in shaping a future where baby mobility is defined by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled quality.

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Comprehensive Expertise: Our Services

  • Strategic Planning: Navigating market complexities with foresight and precision to plan your product success.
  • Industrial Design: Crafting the aesthetics, functionality, and user experience of products that resonate with consumers.
  • Technical Engineering: Solving the toughest engineering challenges to bring innovative product designs to life.
  • Sourcing: Leveraging global networks to source high-quality materials and components at competitive costs.
  • Project Management: Guiding projects from conception through to execution with meticulous attention to detail and efficiency.
  • Quality Control: Upholding the highest standards of quality, ensuring every product exceeds safety and performance expectations.

Global Manufacturing, Local Excellence: Our Production Bases

Diverse Facilities, Unified Quality: Showcasing Our Production Capabilities Across China

pin an factory jiashan

High-end production, main products: baby stroller, trampoline, bike trailer

pin an factory shandong (1)

Big capacity and cost effective, main products: baby strollers

pin an factory hebei

Big capacity and cost effective, main products: baby strollers, Tricycles, Bicycles, Balance bike, Wagon

pin an factory shandong

Cost saving and quality stable, main products: baby strollers

pin an factory ningbo

High end production, main products: carseat, baby strollers, baby beds

pin an factory anhui

Cost saving and quality stable, main products: baby strollers, umbrella strollers, Pet strollers

production line white stroller

Rigorous testing protocols ensure our strollers meet the highest safety and durability standards in every detail.

production line white stroller 1

Dedicated to excellence, our quality control process scrutinizes every aspect, from material selection to final assembly.

Embracing the World, Nurturing Locally

Global Expertise, Personalized Solutions

At Pin An Technology, our vision extends beyond borders. With a presence in numerous countries, we bring global insights into local realities, tailoring our baby mobility solutions to fit diverse cultural needs. Each of our products, from strollers to car seats, embodies a blend of international standards and local preferences. We believe in building connections – connecting global innovation with local traditions, and international trends with familiar comforts. Our journey is about creating products that resonate globally while cherishing every local community we touch.”

This text aims to communicate the breadth of your global reach and the depth of your local impact, highlighting how Pin An Technology merges international expertise with localized solutions.

Unwavering Support, Lasting Partnerships

At Pin An Technology, we believe our relationship with clients extends far beyond the point of sale. Our dedicated customer support team is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every interaction is as seamless and satisfying as our products. From comprehensive after-sales services, including troubleshooting, maintenance, and user guidance, to personalized solutions tailored to individual business needs, we are always ready to assist. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the dynamic baby products market, allowing us to offer not just products, but complete, enduring solutions. With Pin An Technology, you gain a partner committed to your success every step of the way.

Experience our dedicated support — where every query is met with expertise and every customer journey is enhanced with personalized care.

customer service

Adaptable Solutions for Every Need

From Urban Streets to Cozy Homes: Our Products in Action

baby stroller pc300 black

Navigate city streets with ease. Our urban strollers combine sleek design, compact folding, and smooth maneuverability for the fast-paced urban lifestyle

baby jogger stroller

Embrace outdoor adventures with our rugged, all-terrain strollers. Designed for durability and safety, they’re perfect for families who love to explore.

baby ned big

Our home products, from cozy baby beds to stylish highchairs, offer the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and elegance for your family’s home.

Empowering Brands, Enriching Offerings

Pin An Technology, a renowned baby stroller designer and manufacturer, partners with baby brands to elevate their product portfolios. Our innovation-driven approach offers cutting-edge, safe, and stylish baby product solutions that resonate with modern families. Collaborating with us enables your brand to harness our expertise as baby products manufacturers, ensuring your offerings stand out in the competitive market.

Our commitment to excellence as baby stroller designers extends to every partnership. We provide baby brands with access to a diverse range of high-quality products, from strollers to car seats, each reflecting our prowess in safety and ergonomic design. Partner with us, a leader in baby products manufacturing, to enhance your brand’s reputation for quality and innovation, and to create products that parents trust and prefer.

Global Brands

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