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Who we are?

Our Journey - Where Innovation and Safety Intersect

-The Seed of Innovation
In the bustling metropolis of Kunshan, a spark of innovation ignited the formation of Pin An Technology. It began with a simple yet impactful realization by our founders, who possessed deep expertise in technology and child care. They identified a pressing need within the baby product market: the integration of top-notch safety technology with superior design aesthetics. Thus, Pin An Technology was conceived, marking the dawn of a new era in baby mobility.

-A Name That Signifies Commitment
“Pin An,” meaning safety and quality in Chinese, encapsulates our pledge to our customers. It is a promise that has been embedded in the DNA of every product since our inception. We firmly believe that every child is entitled to a secure start to their journey in life, and it is our duty to provide that reassurance to parents worldwide.

-Fusion of Innovation and Care
Innovation at Pin An Technology transcends mere features—it’s about holistic design that centers on the health and happiness of infants and their guardians. Our alliance with leading baby brands, particularly those in pursuit of pioneering designs, has positioned us at the forefront of the industry. Our dedicated team, comprised of visionary designers and engineers, is relentlessly pursuing the advancement of baby mobility, with a keen focus on ergonomic integrity, avant-garde safety features, and sustainable practices.

-From Local Origins to Global Presence
Our roots may lie in China, but our reach has become international. Pin An Technology has blossomed into a globally recognized brand, with our products being embraced in many different countries. Despite our extensive reach, we retain a localized approach—empathizing with and catering to the distinct needs of families across the globe.

-Envisioning the Horizon of Baby Mobility
As we gaze into the future, our resolve to innovate remains unwavering. Committed to continuous research and development, we aspire to set new benchmarks in product safety. Our ambition stretches beyond strollers, aiming to offer a comprehensive suite of baby mobility solutions, all crafted with our inherent dedication to safety and excellence.

-Embarking on a Shared Path
The voyage of Pin An Technology is ongoing, and we extend an invitation for you to join us. To us, every stroller is more than just a product—it’s a vow of safety, craftsmanship, and attentiveness to your family’s needs. Let’s embark on this path together, towards a world where baby mobility is synonymous with joy and unwavering security.

The Power of Progress: by the Numbers

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Together in Growth: Our Strategic Alliances
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Innovation in Safety Design

At the heart of Pin An Technology is an unwavering commitment to safety and innovation in design. Our journey began with a profound understanding of what families truly need – safety, comfort, and reliability. We’ve dedicated ourselves to merging cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design, ensuring that every stroller we create is not just a product, but a guardian of your child’s safety.

Our strollers are more than mere transport; they are safe havens on wheels. Meticulously crafted, they embody the highest safety standards. Features like advanced shock-absorption systems and the use of environmentally friendly materials are not just additions, but essential components of our design philosophy. Every hinge, wheel, and fabric is chosen and engineered with precision, reflecting our commitment to unparalleled quality and innovation.

In our pursuit of excellence, we’re not just creating baby products; we’re nurturing the future, one safe and comfortable journey at a time. We proudly stands as a beacon of innovation, providing families worldwide with peace of mind and the joy of shared discovery.

Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated minds and hearts behind: a team united by innovation, driven by passion, and committed to crafting the safest and most innovative baby products solutions.
Joe Zhou
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Chen
Chief Operating Officer
shi yang
Young Shi
Chief Innovation Officer
mark wan
Mark Wan
Chief Technology Officer
sherry hang
Sherry Hang
Chief Commercial Officer
shi guo cheng
Geni Shi
Chief Manufacturing Officer

We don't just create products, we craft journeys of safety and innovation, fostering a world where every family's mobility experience is enveloped in reliability and care.

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