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PH388 - Elegance on Wheels

Where luxury meets comfort and safety in stroller design

  • PH388 baby stroller 45 degree pictures
  • PH388 baby stroller side image
  • PH388 baby stroller side image forward
  • PH388 baby stroller face forward
  • PH388 baby stroller face forward full recline
  • PH388 baby stroller 45 degree pictures
  • PH388 baby stroller side image
  • PH388 baby stroller side image forward
  • PH388 baby stroller face forward
  • PH388 baby stroller face forward full recline

Versatility in Motion Model: PH388

Elevate your stroller experience with the PH388 – where innovation meets intuitive design.

  • Rotating Seat: “Experience seamless transitions with our 360-degree rotating seat, allowing your child to face you or the world with a simple twist.”
  • Smooth Reversibility: “Switch from forward to backward facing effortlessly, ensuring your child’s comfort and curiosity are always catered to.”
  • Advanced Suspension: “Ride smoothly over any terrain with our state-of-the-art suspension system, offering unparalleled stability and comfort.”
  • Compact Folding: “Our innovative one-hand fold design makes storage and transportation a breeze without compromising on sturdiness.”
  • Adjustable Configuration: “Fully adjustable settings, including recline angles and handlebar heights, ensure the perfect fit for parent and child comfort.”


Frame Type: Aluminum
Loading Weight: 22kg for the child+2kg for the basket.
Age and Weight recommendation: 0-48 months
Wheel Size: 6.5″ front+9.0″ rear
Folded Dimensions: 510*290*620mm
Unfolded Dimensions: 970 *580*1040mm
Standard: EN1888-1, EN1888-2
Product Net Wight: 9.5kg
Product Gross Weight: 11kg
Loading Qty: 650pcs/40HC
baby stroller manufacturer 388
baby stroller 388 features (1)

360° Comfort

The PH388 stroller introduces unparalleled flexibility with its innovative rotating seat. Designed to pivot smoothly, it allows your baby to face forward or backward, adapting to their changing moods and surroundings with just a simple twist.

This feature offers parents the ultimate convenience of adjusting their child’s view without disrupting their comfort. It’s a smooth, intuitive movement that enriches the strolling experience for both parent and child.

Folding Simplified

The PH388 stroller is a marvel of convenience, boasting a compact fold that can be achieved with just one hand. Its intuitive folding mechanism makes it ideal for on-the-go parents who value ease and efficiency.

Whether you’re navigating public transport or fitting the stroller into a tight space, the PH388 folds down in seconds, making it as portable as it is stylish.

baby stroller 388 features (3)

Innovative Brake System

The PH388 stroller sets new standards in safety with its revolutionary cycle brake system. This advanced mechanism allows for instant braking with a single step, ensuring immediate and reliable stopping power for your peace of mind.

A second step releases the brake, offering seamless transition from stop to go. This intuitive feature enhances safety, giving parents complete control and confidence during every stroll, regardless of the terrain.

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Ready for the PH388 Experience?
Elevate Your Brand’s Stroller Range

Introduce the PH388 stroller to your brand’s portfolio and experience a fusion of luxury, safety, and innovation. This stroller isn’t just a product; it’s a hallmark of design excellence and quality that will distinguish your brand in the competitive market.

Designed to meet the high standards of discerning parents, the PH388 offers features that set it apart. Partner with us to offer this outstanding stroller and showcase your commitment to providing only the best in baby mobility.

Are you ready to enhance your product lineup with the PH388? Contact us for partnership opportunities and comprehensive support. Our team is dedicated to helping your brand succeed with our innovative stroller designs.

How can our brand partner with you to offer this model?

Reach out to us via our contact form. We’ll provide detailed partnership

What support do you offer to retailers of the PH388?

We provide extensive product training, marketing materials, and continuous support to ensure our partners succeed.”

Can we customize the PH388 for our brand?

Yes, we offer customization options to align the PH388 with your brand identity and customer preferences.

What sets the PH388 apart in the competitive market?

The PH388 stands out for its innovative design, premium materials, and advanced safety features, appealing to discerning customers.

Are there any minimum order requirements for the PH388?

We have flexible order requirements. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can best accommodate them.

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